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2invision Managed Services provides Small and Medium Sized Enterprises with high quality and fast ICT solutions. The services 2invision offers are the complete and partial management of ICT environments and the safety and management of important business data on online servers (cloud services). Moreover, 2invisions’ consultants can be hired for giving ICT advice. 2invision has a fast-growing software development department that mainly works on IoT projects and data-analyses. The company’s tech division is situated in Brainport Eindhoven.

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IoT in indoor ski centre

One of the future technologies 2Invision focusses on is the Internet of Things (IoT). An example of a project the company worked on concerned the indoor ski centre in Aspen where sensors were integrated in the ski-course. Internet of Things refers to a network of devices, vehicles and applications that contain electronics, software and connectivity that allow these objects to connect, interact and exchange data.

Extending internet connectivity
IoT involves extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices to devices and common objects that are usually not connected to the internet. When you do embed these objects with sensors they can communicate and interact over the internet. This enables distance control, remote monitoring and data-collection. IoT has evolved because of other technologies such as analytics, data-mining, machine-learning. The possibilities the combination of IoT and data-analysis offer are boundless.

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‘I love pushing my limits every day’

With a small team Vincent Nys developed and installed an entire digital infrastructure for the indoor ski centre in Aspen in Belgium. He took care of the complete digitalisation of the infrastructure concerned in the ski business. Within six months’ time Vincent and his colleagues installed all necessary hardware and IoT sensors and developed an ambitious online platform for enabling an optimal customer experience and for managing and monitoring processes. “Having this kind of impact is great, I love being able to innovate and push my limits every day.”

Developing a comprehensive digital platform
“2Invision has built a comprehensive digital platform for Aspen,” Vincent explains. “It is the widest indoor ski slope in Europe, in the digital platform all hardware and software around the ski course come together. For members we have built a complete online platform in which they arrange common business. Think for example of tokens that you can buy for the lessons or ski jackets that you can lend or an overview of the lessons that you have participated in, the level you are at and an advice about the level you should be in. The more information customers give, the more advice and services they get and the better their customer experience is.”

Controlling the real feel temperature with digital sensors
“We have also installed the complete physical infrastructure. The cash registers for instance, and an entrance card with rfid chips that you can use to upgrade your credits for the ski slope or for your consumptions in the catering facilities. The entire slope is also equipped with sensors that enable the real feel temperature to stay constant and other IoT applications. Aspen has quite a unique cooling system that guarantees a pleasant temperature. When the temperature drops, a signal is sent to the manager so that he can take action.”

Proud of having connected so many different aspects
“We collect a lot of data that can be analysed or that predictive analytics can be applied to, such as the number of visitors at a certain time. On an average day, a thousand people visit the ski course. When our system would show an error that would have a lot of impact. I am very proud of the fact that we haven’t been able to connect so many different aspects.”

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Societal impact

IoT forms the foundation for a smart, healthy and safe society

The Internet of Things (IoT) can cause major breakthroughs in the societal challenges that we are facing. We are already starting to see some of the first results. Along with advanced data analytics, IoT-enabled devices and sensors are for example helping us to reduce air pollution in some of our world’s biggest cities, improve agriculture and optimise our food supply. IoT and smart cities go hand in hand. Smart cities want to offer answers to the challenges of our times. IoT lies a foundation for improving sustainability, quality of life, the efficiency of city services and a city’s competitiveness.

Combination of IoT and data-analysis essential to urban areas
As urban areas keep growing, the value of IoT and data-analysis increases. It can help to make our cities smarter in many ways. Think of cities like Delhi and Beijing that are beginning to deploy sensor networks that alert residents when pollution levels are dangerously high. Or the growing need of the world’s population farming needs to become more and more efficient. Farmers and growers all over the world are using the Internet of Things to reduce their consumption of water and fertilizers, cut waste and improve the quality or yield of their products.

On our way to becoming a digital society
IoT can also cause major breakthroughs in healthcare by helping doctors to collect, have access to and optimally use patients’ data. Wearables (internet-connected sensor devices) can actively collect data and track a patient’s heart rate, pulse, or even blood pressure. They are getting more and more affordable, compact and accurate. In short: the possibilities IoT offers are limitless, we are on our way to a digital society.

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Brainport factor

Room for experiment and attractive place for tech and IT talent

Creating a smart city requires sharing data and information and working on joint projects in which various parties collaborate: government, citizens, companies and knowledge institutes. This so-called multi-helix collaboration is one of the strong suits of the Brainport Eindhoven region. In Brainport Eindhoven you find a tech-minded government, innovative and early adapting citizens, collaborative high-tech industry partners, living labs and pilot opportunities that offer companies, organisations and citizens room to experiment.

Brainport Eindhoven magnet to IT and tech talent
Moreover, the excellent reputation of Brainport companies and knowledge institutes attracts tech and IT talent from all over the world who want to work on complex top-of-the-bill technology at the highest level. The region’s large and lively international community, it’s multi-cultural character and the dazzling tech vibe make it a very attractive place to live in.

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