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The Netherlands is a frontrunner in developing solutions for renewable and smart energy. This can be contributed to a progressive government, tech-minded inhabitants and an environmentally-conscious population.

Moreover, The Netherlands houses a number of renown energy companies and research institutes like Shell, Eneco, Tesla, DSM, DIFFER, TNO/ECN and 3TU’s. Furthermore, our country offers world-class R&D facilities and outstanding incentive programs that support and stimulate energy innovation. In the field of renewable energy, the Dutch government offers a variety of competitive incentives to stimulate energy innovation and promote corporate use of renewable energy sources.

When it comes to smart energy the Dutch government has invested substantially in smart grid innovations and solutions enabling innovations in the fields of smart and green mobility and smart energy. This has led to the fact that the Netherlands is home to the second largest fleet of consumer plug-in electric vehicles in the world.


Energy industry in Brainport Eindhoven = smart and renewable

Integral high tech solutions for future energy challenges

In Brainport Eindhoven you find a strong cluster of companies, knowledge institutes and governmental agencies that are active in the field of energy. They provide knowledge, test & integration facilities and business development for energy related services, products, devices and equipment. Their overall focus is on developing integral solutions in the field of capturing and generating energy and its storage and conversion.

Making smart combinations is key. The focus is on developing solutions and applications in the field of urban use like solar for (heat)capture and electricity generation,

all kinds of energy storage and effective and efficient use in grids for in homes, offices, production plants and mobility. Moreover, Brainport Eindhoven is a leader in the smart use of solar energy, with a unique expertise in thin film photovoltaics. An innovation that will impact our future energy generation.

Application forms and fields

Renewing energy is an important societal challenge with many different application forms. In Brainport Eindhoven, research and development are applied to many application areas and knowledge is always translated into market solutions for societal challenges. Varying from solutions for energy neutral industry to energy solutions for farming and the urban area. Moreover, because of Brainport’s strong mobility sector: smart and green mobility are subjects we excel at.


The Dutch sustainable energy-sector has a turnover of: € 1.7 billion
The Dutch sustainable energy sector provides work for 17,300 employees
Brainport Eindhoven houses 7 world-class knowledge institutes in the field of energy
At Eindhoven University of Technology 400 researchers, 7 faculties and 30 research groups are involved in Energy
Eindhoven University of Technology has 2 masters, 20 specialisations and 1 design track in energy


How Brainport Eindhoven reinforces your business

Unique ecosystem with a high concentration of knowledge- and educational institutes

Easy access to public-private energy partnerships and world-class research and test facilities

Easy access to existing international networks and innovation projects led by leading R&D institutes

A lot of experienced high tech suppliers

A lot of experienced high tech suppliers that work for companies like ASML and Philips already apply their knowledge and expertise to the field of energy and help you innovate, develop and manufacture products and technologies

Government supports, invests and promotes energy experiments in public places


World-class companies, knowledge institutes and organisations

Brainport Eindhoven

Sectors & Technologies

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