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Strijp-S is the creative, design and innovation district of the city of Eindhoven.

Strijp S/T

Where design meets technology and its users. Creative, innovation district.

Strijp-S is the creative, design and innovation district of the city of Eindhoven. This former Philips industrial plant has grown into a vibrant urban area that offers a unique mix of working, living, learning and all kinds of leisure facilities that lead to casual meetings.

Besides it being home to a number of renown multinational technology companies (i.e. Philips, Bosch, Gibson, Amazon) and knowledge institutes (i.e. Singularity University, Dutch Design Foundation), Strijp-S houses a great number of highly innovative SME’s, start-ups and scale-ups.

In the area cultural and social innovation, design, creative entrepreneurship and education come together. It offers room for living labs and all sorts of (social) experiments that lead to innovation. Something which is stimulated by dynamic interaction between its occupants, many visitors, events, festivals, companies, students and educational institutes.

Moreover, the area is ideal for entrepreneurs and ‘makers’, it offers them all facilities needed for bringing ideas to live and to test, prototype and accelerate their innovation process. A fertile breeding ground for new business.

Strijp S Eindhoven
Strijp S Eindhoven

Strijp S/T

World class companies and institutes on Strijp-S

Strijp S/T

Benefits Strijp-S offers companies and knowledge institutes

An urban innovation district that offers an excellent work-life balance to future generations (small village concept)

Because of its many facilities like apartments, lofts, houses, shops, all kinds of restaurants, a skate area, educational institutes, fablabs and small and large office spaces, Strijp-S is the ideal place for combining work and life in a high value environment and attractive urban setting.

Strong talent attraction and retention power

Because of its creative, vibrant atmosphere and excellent facilities for entrepreneurs and makers Strijp-S has a strong talent attraction and retention power. At Strijp-S you find an inspiring mix of experienced corporate professionals as well as designers, media makers, freelance engineers, wizzkids and students. All levels of education are presented at Strijp-S and St. Lucas, a renown educational institute for creative professionals, is located at the campus.

Room for experiment in real-life setting

Strijp-S offers room for experiment and is home to several living labs. It offers a real-life testing ground for products and services with an added value that meet the needs of the end users. It is where smart products and services are developed and implemented, in close cooperation with the end users in real-life settings. Moreover, because of the many disciplines you find at Strijp-S, cross-overs are easily made. Some examples of experimental settings you find in the area are Smart City (p.e. Triangulum), MediaLab, Urban Farming (by Duurzame Kost) and Interflex (European project about energy transition). 

Strong international position

Strijp-S has a strong international position and is well-known outside the country’s borders because of events like Dutch Design Week, close cooperation with i.e. the renown German research institute Fraunhofer and investors like Amazon subsidiary Liquavista and Singularity University that chose Strijp-S to settle.

Ideal place for freelance entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups

As is said Strijp-S offers a rich breeding ground for developing new innovations in all kinds of fields like design, media, technology and sports. Its many facilities, diverse public, room for experiment, attractive rents and wide variety in incubators and accelerator-programmes make it an ideal place for developing new business.


>1,000 companies, 120,000 m2 Industrial and office space, 5,000 m2 Parking places
Living Labs, 60,000 m2 facilities (restaurants, designer clusters, shops, creative industry, urban sports)
3,500 houses and apartments, students at all levels

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