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Brainport Industries Campus

Brainport Industries Campus is going to be the place where the innovative and competitive force of high tech manufacturing accelerates.

Brainport Industries Campus

Where the innovative and competitive force of high tech manufacturing accelerates

Brainport Industries Campus is going to be the place where the innovative and competitive force of high tech manufacturing accelerates. It is the first location in the world where all parties involved in the high-tech supply chain work closely together on innovation and production in the factory of the future.

Together these parties are going to define the future of high-tech manufacturing: industry 4.0. Brainport Industries Campus is a new campus that is growing fast and in the near future will be a leading hub for next generation companies, knowledge institutes and talents in high-tech manufacturing.

It is where they’ll find a state-of-the-art working and learning environment and resources such as clean rooms, flexible manufacturing areas, warehouses and advanced facilities.

Moreover, the campus provides the possibility for high-tech suppliers to jointly present their capabilities to national and international customers.

Brainport Industries Campus

First companies on the campus

Brainport Industries Campus

Benefits Brainport Industries Campus offers companies and knowledge institutes

Highly effective cost management because of flexible building concept

The modular construction system based on physical building units and functional built-in modules results in highly effective cost management and contributes directly to reducing operating costs. The accommodation perfectly matches the business operations.

Optimal manufacturing process by scalable Manufacturing

Manufacturing areas are flexible and scalable to ensure an optimum manufacturing process. Extra space can be rented temporarily to resolve capacity constraints. 

Flexibility in manufacturing, human capital and technology

Intelligently sharing human capital, machines and technology guarantees maximum capacity usage at minimum cost.

Machines and service on a pay-per-use basis

Companies pay jointly for the use of machines and services based on a smart pay-per-use scheme. This reduces investment (no expensive outlay), they have fewer write-downs and they always have up-to-date machines at their disposal.

Shared facilities at all levels reduces unwanted overhead

Countless services and business support activities can be shared. At service level this includes reception/front desk, clean rooms and meeting rooms, a company restaurant, storage and warehousing. Facility personnel like cleaners, IT, security and a joint pool of flex workers can be organised together. And technologies and processes like 3D printing, measurement systems, fibre-optic internet, server rooms, stock control, logistics, quality control and waste processing will be utilized together.

Future talent pool is within direct reach

A future talent pool with tech and IT talents that are educated with the help of the companies that are located on the campus and that are used to work with state-of-the-art machines are within direct reach.

The Brainport Industries innovation program: the ultimate worldwide brand for collaborative innovation

The Brainport innovation programme ensures the bundling of strength in various themes for a future-proof economic environment. Through the themes technology, market, people and supply chain cooperation the programme helps the Brainport region and the Dutch high-tech manufacturing industry to continue to fulfil a leading role in the world.

Brainport Industries Campus

Start of the campus was on Monday December 11th 2017
1,600 students in vocational education in 2018
first phase: 61,000 m2 area on a plot of 25 hectares

Brainport Eindhoven


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