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Hi! I’m Stefano, and I’m going to get my bachelor degree in biotechnology this year. I’ve studied many aspects of the molecular dynamics in biological systems throughout the last three years, acquiring a specific knowledge of the current state of art of the scientific panorama in this field.



 I got the chance to put these knowledge into practice working as an intern in a research lab. Specifically the lab is working on a drug discovery project for cystic fibrosis’ treatment.  This way I started to put hands on lab equipment, chemicals and cells, but above all starting to grasp the complex choices and reasoning process that goes behind such work.  

I remember choosing this course just for the sake of curiosity about life, and what could lay behind it. But with time I realized the potentiality of this scientific branch if only it came to meet other disciplines like informatics, engineering , math or physics and the amazing applications that could come up for the world. That’s what I would like to do in the years to come, but it won’t be possible without talking and exchanging thoughts and ideas with other people with different backgrounds!