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My name is Wian Stipp. I am 20 years old and am from the UK. I am working as a machine learning engineer at Lanterne, a startup dedicated to using technology to improve safety, but have also recently started projects leveraging data science in healthcare.

My technical expertise is in natural language processing, neural network research and generally applying statistical models to solve difficult problems. I am passionate about working on problems that might have a large societal impact, which is why I am interested in areas such as healthcare. I am also currently studying mathematics and economics at the London School of Economics. I chose to study mathematics because I am deeply driven to also understand the mathematics behind machine learning.

My recent work at Lanterne involves helping build and launch a free app called Crowdless, which gives you real-time information about how busy supermarkets are in your area, so that you can make an informed decision about when and where to go during the Corvid-19 pandemic."