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The market is moving more and more towards personalized, on-demand, locally produced products and production companies can excel by offering smart and digital production and development processes. Additive manufacturing, also know as 3D printing, is a technique where a three dimensional product is build, layer by layer, of printed material, based on a digital design. Additive manufacturing is more and more used in series production and will therefore have a disruptive impact on existing manufacturing.


Additive manufacturing offers a lot of advantages compared to traditional production technologies. For example, you are able to design more complex products, you need less material, you can make lighter products and gain more product performance and functionalities. 3D printing is extremely suitable for customized products. You can easily print low volumes of a product and are therefore able to make a cost-efficient and customized offer (low volume, high complexity). In addition, significant progress is being made regarding printed electronics. A technology that enables circuits, sensors, memories, batteries and displays to be printed on thin, lightweight and flexible materials. Offering new opportunities for the packaging and automotive industry and for companies producing wearable electronics.

OEM's can shorten their supply chain, because function integration can reduce the amount of parts that are needed. Suppliers can distinct themself from the competition by offering additive manufacturing knowledge and facilities. As a result they can be more involved in the design phase of their customer.  Customers and suppliers can optimize product development and increase time to market, all because of 3D printing. 

3D printing co-creation platform

Led by AMSystems, the Fieldlab Multi-material 3D was founded, a co-creation platform for parties in the chain to jointly develop and validate innovative multi-tech and multi-material solutions. To not only develop future production environments, but also general solutions for the current industry. In order to do this, the Fieldlab is bringing companies and organizations together and informs them of the current and new Research & Development programs. In addition, the Fieldlab is coordinating and facilitating matchmaking processes by developing  new roadmaps and organizing network meetings.

What does Brainport offer in respect of 3D printing?

The 3D printing technology is largely used within the Brainport region. Many partnerships and innovation programs are jointly focusing on improving the technology and its applications. Knowledge institutes like TNO and the Technical University of Eindhoven, together with several companies, are trying to expand the 3D printing possibilities.

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You can get more information from these partners

Fieldlab Multimaterial 3D

The Fieldlab Multi-M3D is a co-creation platform where partners work together to develop and validate the next generation of multi-technology and multi-material solutions.

K3D AddFab

Collaboration between different companies to offer additive manufacturing services to companies interested in this technology.

Additive Center

Additive Center specializes in identifying industrial 3D printing applications, training and guiding teams.

Fontys Objexlab

Fonty's Objexlab is a fully functioning 3D print lab for experimenting with the technology and for training (future) professionals.

I am glad to help you make the right choice for your company. Call and receive advice on which partner suits you best.



Ruben Fokkema

International Business Developer