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ICT in Practice 2020

Robots are becoming co-bots. We trust our car navigation kit more than the skills of the one sitting next to us. Self-driving cars are considered the safest. Planes can not fly anymore without working algorithms. Artificial intelligence and a ubiquitous internet of things, dramatically change the once so profoundly instrumental relationship between humans and their man-made environment.

In the brave, new future anything around you may become smart, collecting data, monitoring you and even making decisions.

ICT in Practice 2020 takes you on a journey into that bot-dominated society of tomorrow. Socially aware artificial intelligence is a rapidly advancing technology. Smart devices are already able to read our emotions and detect our intentions even more accurate than we can. In turn they are able to express feelings in their communication with us. Whether this will lead to a more humane or an uncanny future, is up to us.

From the robustness of the hardware for IoT-devices to the ethical value-system baked into the algorithms that control them, building trust in technology will be crucial.


  • Emotion AI
    Computers that know what we feel. Avatars with real life expressions.
  • Advanced conversational agents
    Bots as the first line of corporate and customer communication.
  • Embodied AI
    The human being as a passenger in a self-driving world.
  • Co-bots
    Your colleague on the workfloor is not human.
  • Explainable AI
    If your request has been turned down and no one knows why...
  • Reliable Internet of Things
    Do you know who knows what you do?

What is ICT In Practice

ICT In Practice is a platform that offers applied research initiatives in the ICT domain and originating from the Fontys School of ICT community, the opportunity to demonstrate insights, share knowledge, discuss results and initiate future and new projects.Furthermore IIP wants to contribute to the knowledge, understanding and vision on applied research.

The annual ICT In Practice symposium provides our community with an inspiring programme of expert talks, relevant projects and products, theme related discussions and the possibility to match with new and existing partner.