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EuroTech workshop - AI for Engineering Systems

Re-establishing links between the EuroTech AI groups, exploring joint initiatives and funding opportunities for joint projects


With the start of the new European research & innovation programme 'Horizon Europe', work programmes for new funding opportunities in Artificial Intelligence will be published next month.

Artificial Intelligence for engineering systems can offer solutions to many societal challenges such as good health, affordable and clean energy, industrial innovation and sustainable cities. 

We would like to invite you to a virtual workshop on 20 May 2021, chaired by Carlo van de Weijer (Eindhoven AI Systems Institute, TU/e) and Jan Kerschgens (Center for Intelligent Systems, EPFL).

This workshop aims at:

  • Re-establishing the link between the EuroTech AI groups
  • Providing an overview of a number of upcoming Horizon Europe AI funding opportunities of joint interest in Cluster Health, Cluster Digital/Industry/Space and Cluster Civil Security for Society
  • Submission of joint proposals by EuroTech universities for 2021 calls and preparation of 2022 calls
  • Building a community between AI programme managers with a view to potential other collaboration opportunities
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