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Brabant Innovation Days

Live April 22nd


Be prepared for new opportunities in a post-COVID Europe

COVID -19 has disrupted all their plans for face-to-face meetings and traditional conferences. International business travel is still actively discouraged. And large exhibition venues have postponed events until late 2021 or beyond. 

Yet nothing stops innovation.  The opportunity in Europe to build back better has never been greater. Indeed, breakthrough innovation remains the lifeblood for most companies to retain a global competitive edge.

Learning from the crisis

The pandemic has demonstrated just how fast complex vaccines can be developed when governments, research institutions and industry collaborate across country borders. How can we apply such successes to fast-track solutions to new challenges in personalized healthcare and the energy transition?  The Brabant Innovation Days are designed to showcase innovative developments and approaches in the Netherlands to an international, targeted audience. They take the perspective from the “outside” looking in. They discussions aim to strengthen connections that already exist. And foster new ones. 

Expect the Unexpected on April 22nd

As a participant, you will gain unprecedented access to the leaders of top Applied Research and Development Centres in the Southern Netherlands, including Holst Centre, Solliance Solar Research, Brightlands Materials Center, TNO Food & Pharma, and Eindhoven Engine. They will also include input from relevant departments within Eindhoven University of Technology, (including 
Quantum Materials & Technology Center and the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems). 

Detailed overview of talking points

LIVE Discussion 1 runs from 1330-1430 CEST: Towards Improved Personalized Healthcare.

If your company is involved in any of these topics, they encourage you to sign-up now to contribute to our online discussion.

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) of food and pharmaceuticals. Regenerative medicine
  • Secure Quantum (e.g. health records, anti-counterfeiting, Big Data analysis & Artificial Intelligence) 
  • Advanced Sensors (e.g. organ on a chip, breath analysis, non-invasive precision measurements, health patches, forensics)  


Klick here for more information and to registrate.