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Additive World Industrial 3D Printing Conference

Additive World Conference is an international platform created in order to bring together individuals of all experience levels to share the knowledge, to give industry insights and to explain international trends of industrial additive manufacturing. By sharing our experiences and expertise we can accelerate our learning curve and stimulate each other to bring this innovative technology to a mature level.

The growing Corona virus is limiting more and more people to travel and participate in international events. In order to facilitate everyone that would like to attend the 8th edition of the Additive World Conference to do so, we have decided to move the conference to the digital space. You therefore don’t have to book a flight, nor hotel, just stay at your desk or at home in your lazy chair and sit back and relax to view the presentations online. This way you don’t have to miss the conference while still adhering to the company policies and regulations and stay safe!

Because of the virtual nature of this 8th Additive World Conference, we will be able to make it free. As you know, it is not a commercial set-up and our normal entrance fee is only to cover the location and catering cost and since in a virtual conference you bring your own desk, chair and drinks, we can host it for free. We still ask you to sign-up so we can register the participants and send you the digital conference details later.

Because digital is a different media, we will come up with a different format but the contributors will be the same. The following speakers have confirmed to speak at our digital conference:

  • Richard Hague, Professor of Innovative Manufacturing and Director of the Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) at the University of Nottingham
  • Matthias Schmidt-Lehr, Co-founder, Ampower
  • Miguel Pérez, Research Engineer, ArcelorMittal R&D
  • James Shipley, Global Business Development Manager, Quintus Technologies
  • Ryan Kircher, Director of Business Development North America, Additive Industries
  • Jonathan Meyer, Chief Product Officer, APWORKS
  • Alexander Oster, Director Additive Manufacturing, Autodesk
  • Luuk Wissink, CEO, K3D
  • Ir. Daan AJ Kersten, CEO & Co-founder, Additive Industries

We are looking forward to meeting you digitally soon.

You can register for this event via this link. Do you want to know more about the additive manufacturing sector in Brainport Eindhoven? Take a look at this page