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Zero emissions, traffic jams and deaths

Brainport Eindhoven has great ambitions in terms of mobility. The ultimate goal: zero emissions, traffic jams and deaths. This requires smart technology solutions. Solutions that further enhance Brainport Eindhoven’s strong global position as the cradle of smart and green mobility. There is a widespread need for sustainable, emission-free, smart and safe technological mobility solutions: electrically powered vehicles and associated infrastructure, hydrogen as energy carrier and smart, autonomous and connected vehicles and traffic networks and systems (CAD). With its many, closely cooperating, innovative companies, IT businesses and knowledge and educational institutes that focus on mobility, Brainport holds an excellent position. Add the Automotive Campus and a government that is supporting mobility pilots in public spaces or is acting as launching customer, and the world is at our feet.

The coming years

The coming years, Brainport Eindhoven continues to invest heavily in enhancing the regional mobility and automotive sector. By enhancing automotive companies and expertise. And by utilizing the region as living lab to test mobility solutions and innovative transport concepts as a stepping stone towards the rest of the world. In addition, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are of uttermost importance to increase road safety and to set up a more efficient charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles. Brainport Eindhoven is heavily investing in AI for the mobility and automotive sector the coming years. Furthermore, the International Connected and Automated Driving Institute (ICADI) is currently defining one standard for the necessary data exchange enabling Connected Automated Driving.
In terms of reduction of emissions and innovations with respect to electrical driving, Brainport is focusing on further developing batteries via the Battery Competence Centre, and on hydrogen as energy carrier for vehicles and the logistics sector.


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Automotive Campus

The Automotive Campus is the place for the development and marketing of automotive technologies and solutions focused on smart & green mobility. The campus offers an attractive learning and working environment with the most state-of-the art (test) facilities and various flexible options for setting up a company. More information about the campus.

Best practices

Sustainable Development Goals

By adhering to this mobility strategy, Brainport Eindhoven is contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 11: inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities. By developing smart, green and safe mobility solutions, we are not only improving the livability of Eindhoven and Helmond, but of the entire region. Furthermore, we are inspiring other cities and regions to implement our innovations. Read more about the way Brainport Eindhoven is working towards realizing the Sustainable Development Goals.