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CO2-neutral and circular industry

Certain sectors, such as the heavy-duty transport and the chemical process industry, are important for the Dutch economy. However, improving the sustainability of these sectors is proving to be a major challenge. It also presents an economic opportunity however.   


After all, it is important to retain certain sectors in the region and we also want to establish new innovative chains to make these sectors more sustainable. By bringing large industrial parties in contact with knowledge institutes, innovative SMEs, scale-up companies and the manufacturing industry in Brainport Eindhoven, new green value chains can be developed, resulting in new economic activities and an increase of employment. By being a pioneer in sustainable technology, companies can take the lead in sustainable production and increase their future export opportunities.

Within Brainport, the focus is on collaboration between the right partners in combination with know-how of energy, chemistry and the high-tech manufacturing industry. Resulting in the development of unique technologies and sustainable fuels in the field of electrification, hydrogen, metal fuels, solar fuels and heat storage. ENzuid is an example of a large-scale public private cooperation, which puts a chain of HTSM suppliers in contact with large chemical players to render the process industry more sustainable. 


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