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Upprinting Food was created by two ambitious TU/e-students, specialized in food, design and sustainability. Their goal is to end food waste by using a 3D food printer. In a world that’s in dire need for innovative solutions to feed an ever growing population, wasting one-third of all food produced globally – sometimes for the sole reason it is ‘ugly’ or over-ripe – is unacceptable.

The students have found a way to use residual food flows and create food that take any form you want, and even more importantly, it tastes delicious. Purees are created by blending and combining the different ingredients from residual food flows. These purees can then be 3D printed, baked and dehydrated for crunch and longevity.

Collaboration with high-end restaurants helps chefs reduce their food waste, but also create unique dining experiences. Upprinting Food can print personalized designs to fit a special dish, but restaurant staff and chefs are also trained to operate the 3D food printer themselves. Chefs are also provided with some of the best recipes to print from.

Upprinting Food is always looking at other ways to use food residues, making a modest yet innovative effort to contribute to ending world hunger.

“Giving food waste a second taste, to create valuable food concepts from food waste with the 3D food printing technology.”