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We all find it completely normal that we are able to eat a varied meal every day. Even though we are aware of the impact the fishing industry or the emissions of the meat industry have on the environment, billions of people must be fed every day. To be able to do that and to sustain our planet, it is of the utmost importance that we come up with alternative ways to meet the increasing food consumption. 

In twenty years, we will still have sufficient food and water. The enormous demand has forced us to think differently. We are consuming more fresh and plant-based foods. And digital food coaches will tell us what our body needs, which will then be produced by the 3D food printer in our kitchen. Precision farming and vertical farms allow for efficient production with as less water as possible. By means of biotags, farmers are growing the crops that are in demand. Because the chain from producer to consumer has become shorter, a lot less food is being wasted underway.  


Which technologies already allow for this to happen?

From wireless sensors for agricultural analysis to waste water purification based on space technology. This is only a small selection of all possibilities.



What kind of products are currently being developed?

A lot is happening within Brainport in the area of product development. Foodies and technicians are jointly developing future-proof foods.

Contribute to a better world in your own way!

Sustainable Development Goals

We ourselves have a considerable influence on our future. By setting ourselves Sustainable Development Goals, we can make a concrete contribution to the world we want. The UN has established the SDG Charter Network to help organisations and companies to do this. There are 17 SDGs that make up our 'to do' list. For food, these are the following objectives. Want to know more?

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