October 25, 2018


Thursday: 3D printing, the wind tunnel and ‘borrelen’

On the fourth day the talents had a full program. In the morning they visited Additive Industries. Additive Industries is specialized in industrial additive manufacturing of high quality, functional, metal parts by offering a modular, end-to-end laser powder bed fusion system, MetalFAB1 system and seamlessly integrated information platform.

First they saw a promotion video of the company and after that they got to see the manufacturing machines. After a few group pictures the group got several presentations and a masterclass in Design for Additive Manufacturing. After lunch the group went to the Technical University of Eindhoven. Over there they got to visit the wind tunnel which facilitate aerodynamic and boundary layer research on static and moving objects, at both small and large scale. For example cyclists, skaters or cars.

The roof and walls of the tunnel can be removed to create an exceptionally large research platform. The talents could even go inside the wind tunnel to see it by themselves. After the wind tunnel the group visited the student teams which are responsible for the robot soccer teams. Each year the teams participate in a contest for robot soccer. They won the finals several times. The talents could even play with the robots and try to stop the ball in the goal. At the Hubble the talents got introduced to the typical Dutch borrel. With some drinks and typical Dutch snacks they enjoyed the Dutch borrel. In the evening the group went for some relaxing games at Enversed, where they could challenge each other for some Virtual Reality gaming.