November 20, 2018


Saturday: Design meets technology

After a week of innovations, company visits, assignments, challenges and insights, it’s almost over. The Tech Xperience Week was an intense experience. One that impressed everyone. We have seen and experienced a lot in 1 week.
Because our candidates can not leave without seeing some expositions of the famous Dutch Design Week we leave at 13.00 in the afternoon for a guided tour at Strijp S.

We visited some very interesting expositions like: Robot Love, MX3D (a 3D printed a fully functional stainless steel bridge), Mind the Step (an exhibition where you will find technology based design as result of scientific research) and the Embassy of health where they showed us how health care products or services do not stand alone but interact with each other within a complex environment of care. A nice way to quickly get some highlights of the DDW.

Our week ends in ‘De Kazerne’ for a closing dinner. We were curious about the findings of the candidates after this very intense week. A small impression of their reactions:

Mirko Tadic
Amazing week of TechXperience by Brainport Development is over. A great week, talent selection, the program you structured and supportive execution. I had such a pleasure spending time with great minds and amazing people. To Bahaa, Mirkó, Santiag, Luís, Leonidas, Srinivas, @Tim Schürmann, Rositsa, Krystyna, thank you for smart insights, unconditional support, relentless teamwork, and learning experience. Eindhoven and Brabant were such pleasure to explore and both people and the technology we were exposed within companies. They showed us the power of consistent investment in collaborative culture, openness and innovation. Each and every of them demonstrated why it belongs among most attractive workplace opportunities for top tech talents of the world.

Srinivas Rana
It was a privilege to be a part of the Tech Xperience Week. It is refreshing to see an efficient, open-innovation culture with importance given to social and global impact in a starkly different ecosystem. The Netherlands and Eindhoven should be proud of having cultivated this rich and unique tech ecosystem which sets an example for the rest of the world to follow. I am thankful to everyone who introduced us to the R&D and engineering activities being carried out. It was inspiring to see their research which has surely helped us push our boundaries. I am deeply indebted to my fellow colleagues during this event. And also to our amazing organizers and mentors. Thank you for stimulating my mind during this event and for enhancing and broadening my perspective.