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Printing and additive manufacturing

From the world of printing we are gradually moving towards a printed world. Companies like Oce, Fujiseal & SPG prints laid a strong foundation for a thriving printing industry in the Netherlands.

Moreover, because of our expertise in advanced manufacturing, semiconductors and building high tech machines the Netherlands also has a considerable number of leading companies in the field of additive manufacturing and printed and flexible electronics. Most of these companies are situated in Brainport Eindhoven. Companies like Shapeways, Additive Industries, and Ultimaker are responsible for the fact that the Dutch 3D printing market was worth about 100 million euros in 2016: it doubled within a year. ABN AMRO and consultancy agency Berenschot estimate that the turnover will increase to 120 million euros in 2017.

Printing and additive manufacturing

Brainport Eindhoven will shape the printed world of tomorrow

Brainport Eindhoven is famous for applying its mechatronics competences in building machines with nanometre precision and high speeds for especially high mix, low volume, high complexity. We have a proven track-record for future market-demands like cost-efficient mass customization.

In order to stay ahead in manufacturing our industry together with TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology heavily invest in and collaborate on building the next generation of industrial Additive Manufacturing production systems.

In Brainport Eindhoven there are multiple partnerships and innovation programs in 3D-printing. They mostly take place at the Brainport Industries Campus which is tailored for advanced manufacturing.

Because of the combination of Brainport’s strong legacy in 2d printing and semiconductors, and the current breakthroughs we have in printed and flexible electronics we are confident we will shape the printed world of tomorrow.

Printing and additive manufacturing

AM market 2016: 100 million euros
expected value 2017: 120 million euros
Global industrial industry is forecasted to grow to a 100-200 billion euro industry by 2020

Printing and additive manufacturing

How Brainport Eindhoven reinforces your business

Proven track-record in high-tech

Our proven track-record in high-tech makes Brainport Eindhoven the place where printing and AM knowledge is translated to business.

Multiple partnerships and innovation programs

Multiple partnerships and innovation programs in the field of developing with end-users, integrating new functionalities, equipment for high volume and multi-material manufacturing, and Integration of Additive Manufacturing in production lines.

Experienced contract manufacturers

Experienced Brainport contract manufacturers can increase your performance because of an unparalleled expertise in high precision and high speed manufacturing.

Opportunities to apply print technologies in a wide variety of markets

Opportunities to apply print technologies in markets you find in Brainport Eindhoven such as automotive, semiconductors, healthcare, aerospace, design, AgroFood, electronics and high-tech manufacturing.

Unmatched research institutes in printed and flexible electronics

Unmatched research institutes in printed and flexible electronics (Holst Centre) and AM (AMsystems) that you can work with in an open innovation setting.

Experience and knowledge in many fields

Experience and knowledge in fields like metal printing, food printing, printing spare parts, medical, pharma, high tech (transistors) printing that you can profit from.

Printing and additive manufacturing

World-class (3D-)printing suppliers, knowledge institutes and OEM’s

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Sector & Technologies

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